Local livelihoods publications


Local Livelihoods has produced a number of publications which can be downloaded below as a PDF and distributed freely.


Social Audit Toolkit – 4th Edition

The fourth edition 2007 of the Social Audit Toolkit has retained the basic rationale and main elements, but we have changed the terms and order of the process.  In some cases the process exercises have been up-dated.  What is new is the Social Audit Standard that has been changed back to the original four standards.  The structure of the Social Audit process is as follows: Governance Statement; External View and Stakeholders; Internal View and Organisation; and, Social Accounting.

The Social Audit Toolkit is the original manual on Social Audit and Accounting and when it was first printed in 1981 it introduced the idea of organisational social audits for social enterprises and all social objective organisations.  The Toolkit comes with a set of practical exercise templates that can be used by organisations to undertake a social audit of their own practices.

Freer Spreckley

ISBN 09538674-1-2

Free Download

Project Cycle Management Toolkit – 3rd Edition

A comprehensive practical manual on how to design, formulate and implement regeneration and development projects.  This Toolkit contains most of the generic skills considered essential for good project management.  It is based on 30 years’ experience of developing successful projects and the methods are widely used by international development agencies.

Freer Spreckley

ISBN 09538674-1-2

Free Download

Participation Toolkit – First Edition

A set of practical participative exercises to help both large and small groups, teams and boards introduce new and different ways of change the method of communicating, analysing and deciding what to do. Instead of having a meeting replace it with a structured workshop using some of the participative exercises in this Toolkit.

Freer Spreckley and Sally Hunt

ISBN 0-9538674-4-7

Free Download

Results Based Project Monitoring and Evaluation Toolkit – First Edition

The Results Based Project Monitoring and Evaluation Toolkit uses the Logical Framework to establish the hierarchy of objectives and activities on which to base the planned outputs, indicators and evidence.  The Toolkit uses a set of ten templates, related to the Logical Framework, to capture the data and record it against planned activities, outputs and outcomes.  Users can customise the templates to suit their project. The templates will support project result analysis and enable users to: measure performance; track planned against actual; record results; and, disseminates the information. The process is iterative and the results of the monitoring feed back to the Logical Framework where amendments are recorded and the plans are updated.  In this way project managers can: track what is happening; control the process; make changes; and, can communicate with, and be accountable to, stakeholders.

Freer Spreckley

ISBN 0-9538674-6-3

Free Download

Social Audit – A Management Tool for Co-operative Working

This pamphlet first described the idea of an organisational Social Audit and the term and concept of Social Enterprise and was written in the late 1970s and first published in 1981 at Beechwood College, UK. We have included this as a free download here for those who are interested in the background to Social Audit and Social Enterprise and the development during the 1970s of the workers co-operatives and wholefoods sectors.

Freer Spreckley

Published 1981

Free Download

Marketing Toolkit – A basic guide to Marketing for
Community Centres and Village Halls

This practical Toolkit is a self-help guide to basic marketing for people who wish to increase the use of their building and earn income from providing a commercial venue and other related services.

The Toolkit contains a series of steps and practical exercises that help groups undertake market research and develop a marketing plan.  To support the exercises the Toolkit uses a number of templates to record the results of the exercises and thus build the plan.

Freer Spreckley and Sally Hunt

Free Download


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