Claremont Evaluation Debates available online

Last week's 2009 Claremont Evaluation Debates are available online for free via streaming video. 

Each debate
includes approximately 90 minutes of thoughtful, incisive, and sometimes
contentious discussion between major voices in the living history of
Evaluation on how the discipline can and should be practiced.

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Debate 1: Utilization-Focused Evaluation - Its Promise and Pitfalls

Michael Quinn Patton and Michael Scriven

Debate 2: Empowerment Evaluation - Its Promise and Pitfalls

David Fetterman, Michael Quinn Patton, and Michael Scriven

These events, watched live (both onsite and online) by an audience of
hundreds, are now available for your enjoyment as a part of our
extensive Claremont Graduate University Online Video Library. We invite
you to watch, enjoy, and share your thoughts!

Paul Thomas
Director of External Affairs
School of Behavioral and Organizational Sciences
Claremont Graduate University
(909) 607-9016

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