HIV M&E Information Web portal

The Global HIV M&E Information Web portal is celebrating its 1-year anniversary as a collaborative tool for monitoring and evaluation professionals around the world. Although the Web portal is themed for HIV/AIDS, we encourage M&E professionals in other fields of interest to participate as well. In the first year, more than 900 M&E professionals have joined this community.

Our goals are to provide links to resources, publications, M&E-related news, jobs, trainings, M&E communities, digital libraries, and anything else that would benefit an HIV M&E professional. We continue to embrace this centralized approach to locating the many resources available across the Internet. The search engine we provide allows you to search sites with M&E-related resources without having to sift through irrelevant sites. You can also search for M&E professionals around the world, who speak your language, and may share your interests. This Web portal is a mechanism for you to promote:

1. Job postings for openings in your organizations

2. Publications that you have produced

3. Trainings that you are conducting

4. Requests for collaboration

5. Conferences you are conducting / attending

6. Resource Web sites you use or own

7. Other information that would be beneficial to other M&E professionals

In addition to the online resources we identify, the Global HIV M&E Information portal provides a range of collaborative tools including group calendars, document libraries, collaborative workspaces, task management, photo management, discussion boards, chats, charting tools, and much more. Our administrative team is available to provide assistance if you have any questions about these features. The success of the portal depends on the continued input from the M&E professional community. We invite you to participate and to provide suggestions for improvement, requests for content, and any feedback that you want to share. If you are not a member and would like to be a member, you can register here:


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