ONG e desenvolvimento

Análise de uma organização/participação

ONG Análise de uma organização

Beneficiary participation in development projects and its limitations

ONG e participação

1. Participação Referências

Chamber (1994) Participatory Rural Appraisal challenges potentials and paradigm

Cornwall (2005) What do Buzzwords do for development policy

Gupta (2000) participatory-learning-and-research-a-review

Mohan (2001= Participatory development

Mohan (2006) Beyond participation


White ( ) uses and abuses of participation

Shah e Shah Participatory methods, precipitating or avoiding conflict

SHEEHAN, James (1996) NGOs and Participatory Management Styles A Case Study of CONCERN Worldwide

ONG e Género

1. ONG e Género recursos para trabalhos

BRIDGE raising gender awareness among policy-makers and practitioners

Bridge (2000) Gender and Development, concepts and definitions


Mehra Gupta (2006) Gender Mainstreaming Making It Happen

Tiesse (2005) Mainstreaming Gender in HIVAIDS Programs

tiessen NGO Strategies for Gender Mainstreaming in HIVAIDS Programmin

Wassenaar (2006) incorproating gender in ngo

Wendoh & Wallace (2009) Re-thinking gender mainstreaming in African NGOs and communities

William (2000) Contested terrain Oxfam, gender, and the aftermath of war

ONG e religião

1. ONG e religião Referências

Anthropological Quarterly review of Finding faith in development

International Christian Organizations and the Development of Sub-Saharan Africa

irrc_858_Ferris Faith based NGOs

Religion and Civil Society the case of religious NGOs in the development

Religion and development

Religious NGOs

Religious Nongovernmental Organizations An Exploratory analysis

The International Charitable Nonprofit Subsector in the United States

The Interrelationships of Religion and Development

The Mennonite Central Committee and faith-based NGO aid to Africa

ONG e legitimidade

1. ONG e legimitimidade Referências

2. INTRAC_LTA INtrodução ao conceito de legitimidade

Arnova2003 Evolution of ‘Legitimacy’ Discussion of International Development NGOs

brinkerhoff.2005 Organizations legitimacy and capacity building

Edwards NGO legitimacy

Holmen 2009 Looks who’s talking

Id21 Peace-building prompts NGO legitimacy crises in Sri Lanka

Lehr-Lehnardt (2005) NGO Legitimacy Reassessing Democracy Accountability and Transpa

Lister 2003 NGO Legitimacy

Manji 2002 missionaryposition

Naidoo (2003) Civil Society Accountability ,Who Guards the Guardians


Slim 2002 The Legitimacy and Accountability of Non-governmental Organisations

Williams 1997 doing good the politicas and anti-politcs


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